Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Campus Files - 1

( All characters are imaginary.They have nothing to do with those living or dead)

‘Hey ,guys hurry up , we are having an important meeting with the HOD,’ said Srishant .This is the first time after many years that one could see such an enthusiastic and excited Sri.Sri always cared for his friends,he wanted to cherish every moment of his college life with his friends.He lived with a group of close friends who shared similar sort of behaviour with him.

‘yes Sri, we are aware of it,’said Esha.Esha and Srishant were the only maharashtrians in their entire group.At times,they spoke in Marathi so that people next to them won’t understand the language.It used to be their code langauage.

Srishant,Esha,Ashu,Rahul,Abhishek,Siddhesh and Vinesh were amongst the popular students of the entire 2004 batch.They studied in a ‘A’ graded Engineering college from Bangalore.HRM college of Engineering was amongst the top 20 Engineering colleges in Bangalore. Sri and friends were doing their Engineering in Electronics.They all were in 3rd year.This is the phase where the college demands some sort of active participation from the TE guys.’ETESA’(Electronics Engineering Students Association), is the main governing body of the electronics engineering stream which aims to bridge the gap between students and teachers.The members arrange seminar for students by inviting top IT professionals.The previous batch had invited Mr.Narayan Murthy and Mr .Anand Mahindra for their technical festival called “Techtrix”.Sri and group had always dreamnt of developing a good baseline for their juniors .They realized that ETESA was the only way by which they could full fill their desires and dreams.The entire electronics batch consisted of 140 students and consisted of 2 divisions of 70 students each.Sri and group had always lived together since first year.They wanted to work for their department and its welfare.Siddhesh was already working for the placement committee.

‘Hurry up guys, HOD is addressing a seminar,’ said Pushpalata madam.She was the academic co ordinator for the TE batch.

‘Hey ,guys ,listen ,’ said Siddhesh.

‘yup dude,’ said Rahul.

‘We should form our own team of members , what say?,’ said Siddhesh.

‘even I guess so ,’ said Srishant.

‘won’t we consider the other division guys ,’ said Esha as she had good friends in the ‘B’ division.

‘Neah,not at all,’ said Srishant.

Sri was very possessive.He never wanted others to come ahead.This was the case why he didn’t wanted the TE ‘B’ guys to join in ETESA.

‘why?,’ said she

‘coz they are a group of numb people,senseless worms, don’t know anything,’ he went on.

The HOD had decided that the senior professors will interview the candidates for the post.The candidates will be selected on the basis of the interview results.The HOD had made it clear that only clever and intelligent students who would work for the department were required.The candidates were supposed to nominate for posts such as President,vice president,treasurer,Co ordinator etc.Sri wanted all his friends to participate in the elections.Ashu and Vinesh were amongst the top students of the 2004 batch.They hardly had time for all such stuffs..

Atlast , Sri and group were selected.It was on their responsibility to select the suitable candidates for the posts.

‘Who would be the Prez?’asked Esha.

‘Offcourse me,’ said Srishant.

‘What crap?,’ said Ashu and Siddhesh in unison…

(to be continued..)


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