Saturday, October 11, 2008

Campus Files - 2

(All characters in this story are imaginary.They don't have anything to do with those living or dead)

To read part 1,click here : Campus Files - 1

‘What crap?,’ said Ashu and Siddesh in unison…

‘You and President of ETESA?,’Ashu felt strange.She never wanted Sri to enjoy any post ,as she disliked Sri.She knew Srishant since last 2 years and she was very much aware of his ill manners and all weird things he does.She wished that some one responsible should take the post and not Sri.

‘I guess you joking ,Sri,’ Ashu said with a straight face.She wanted Vinesh or Siddhesh to be the President of ETESA.She was not supporting Srisanth for any post.She refuse to accept Srisanth as a president of ETESA.

‘Why should I joke,babe?,’ Sri laughed.

‘what the fuck ,you think of yourself?,’ Ashu said with a vex.Esha and Rahul came towards Ashu to stop them from further disputes.

‘Hey,mind your language, don’t you want me to be the president of ETESA,’ Sri asked gently.

Ashu said that she won’t wish to see him as a president of ETESA.She said that she would like to support the HOD’S view that only the best and the deserving individual should take the post and not just any one.

Sri was confused.He could not believe his eyes that Ashu was talking against him.

‘Ok,fine , would you like to take the post,’ He said to her.

‘I am not interested ,’she said to him.

‘Then,why the hell are you behaving like this,’ Sri said to her.

‘Get lost for once,’ he added.

She was agitated .She wanted her best friends Siddhesh and Vinesh to be the president of the committee.

Sri rushed to Esha.

‘Hey ,kay jhala tyala, achanak thyala kay vatles,’ Sri said to Esha in Marathi.

‘Hey,pan mala kahi maahit nahi,’She said to her best friend.

‘Thi vedi jhaali kay ,ata kay karayche ,’ Sri asked Esha.

‘KAY?,’she said to him and she left .

Sri was confused.By the mean time Ashu was involved in a deep conversation with her friends Siddhesh,Vinesh and Rahul.

‘Ashu ,I guess we should try avoiding Sri,’ Vinesh said to Ashu.

‘Yes,but I guess we should do justice to the other division guys as well,’ she said.

‘Even there are many rankers from the other divison.Why,just we think about ourself?,Even they should be a part of our ETESA committee.,’ she added.

Ashu was against Srishant’s view of ignoring ‘B’ division guys .She was against his selfish acts and thoughts .She wanted to do justice to the ‘B’ division guys.This was the main reason which had upset her.

Ashu was the topper of the 2004 ETRX batch with a score of 84.33% , followed by the ‘B’ division boy Naresh Singh who has just 1 marks behind her.According to Ashu,Srisanth was just an average student and he didn’t had any rights to talk against ‘B’ division guys.

‘then what are we going to do now,’Siddesh said addressing Ashu.

‘Well ,we have to think over it and where is Esha?,’ she said

‘must be involved in some bloody code chat with Sri,’ said Vinesh.

‘Think guys,we have to do some thing, think,’ She asked her friends to come up with a good solution.

‘Hey ,I got an idea, what ya think?,’ Rahul shouted.

(To be continued..)


1)Hey ,kay jhala tyala, achanak thyala kay vatles = Hey,What happened to her,what does she thinks?

2)Hey,pan mala kahi maahit nahi, = Hey,but I don't know anything.

3)Thi vedi jhaali kay ,ata kay karayche = I guess she has gone mad,what to do now?


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