Friday, November 28, 2008

Where is the Rat hiding???

Let me narrate you a story.Its the story about a group of rats.There lived a group of rats in a particular place near a jungle.The head of the rat community was not happy with the interaction amongst black and white rats.He was upset and he had his own group of rats,one can relate this group as gundagiri gang.The leader of the gang was quite possesive.He wanted his group to succeed and supported for the development of the black rats.The white rats on the other hand belonged to some different community.They migrated from their place to this village just for the sake of living.The white rats were brutally harrased and tortured by the black rats.A very few of the black rats were friendly, and even cared for the white rats. The head of the black rats community was worried about the future of the black rats.He believed that the black rats were quite ignorant about themselves.He pretend to be a benevelent and a good samaritian,but he wasn't.One day ,a group of wild cats attacked the mouse community.They brutally attacked the rats randomly.They were not bothered about the rat,wheter it is black or white.At that time,it was a state of panicky and the rats were helpless.The friendly black rats and the white rats formed a group.It was this group who attacked the wild cats.The gundas(black rats) were helpless.Few days ago it were these gundas who kicked the butts of the poor white rats.The innocent white rats would just leave the place for safety purposes.The leader of he black rat was just enjoying the fight.In this war ,many cats were killed and an ample amount of rats of killed.Three brave black rats gave their life for the benefit of the rats community.But ,the leader was just watching and enjoying.He was hiding his bloody ass at his home. What kind of leader is he,the head of the black rat??

well guys ,a good leader is one who supports their people at time.Why do we call such people (the black rat head in this case) as a leader who doesn't helps his community members.

I am sure,people can relate this to another person,who is just like the head of the black rat
What do you have to say about this?please pour in your views .......


  1. The piece is as politically correct as it can be!!

    I can relate it to most of the politicians of our country!!

    The metaphor is amazing!!

    Witty piece!!

    Way to go ste!! :)

  2. beautifully written!

    I was just thinking about this the other day, i mean 'the black rats leader' you talking about.

    Its sad that such people do nothing but put up an act to gain people's confidence.And yet these are the same people they(peple lyk the rat leader!) don't even consider when the go around hitting people mercilessly.As i said its a mere 'show' to gain power and nothing else.

    Now is the time to show his concern for the people(that is if he has any) and come out openly and use 'gundagiri' against the wild cats!

    But the rat's ignorance has proved what a "leader" he his.I guess the people know now.

    again...nice post.i liked it the way u've written it:)

  3. hey! i see, you've blog rolled me.Thank you so much!!:):)

  4. this is heartening bro ! :) truly said .. that so called leader .. should be brought down .. damn ! where is he hiding now ? y isnt he coming out to save his mumbai ? damn ! spread this thing out as much as possible. let ppl be aware about his deeds !
    cheerz for those braves who laid their lives ! salute to them !

  5. So so true and really very thought provoking.

    Our leaders should read this.


  6. Right! Why did the Rat hide.. and why is he hiding now!!!

    Nice allegorical write.. it has the punch!

  7. Well..he's coward! He was using his members to entertained him and to make him such a ruthless, greedy leader!

    Anyway, good post!

  8. trying to be political and correct in your own way....

    the example of rats was very apt here...

  9. Quite the allegory! Touché!


  10. I was just thinking about this. People talk about the welfare of their village by doing the "gundagiri" but when their village truly needed them what happened?
    You what is said about adversity right? It lets you know who are your friends :)

    I guess and hope and pray the village now knows...

  11. That's well written dude ....

    But then what does one do if the head of the Black Rats governs us ...rules over us and it's actually the leader of our country....We as the the "rats" are absolutely helpless.....It may sound wrong but that's what the reality is ....Unless the Black Rats(leader and us both) change our attitude ...we would unfortuanately continue to suffer
    :( :( :(

  12. I am firm believer of democracy and even in the absence of it, a person doesn't become a leader unless he is considered to be one by the commoners. Of course, if he has the money to, well.. :)

    The point is, in most cases, it is the people who choose their leader, explicitly or implicitly.

    More than the flaw in the quality of a leader (figurehead?), there lies a great flaw in the people who choose him to be the leader.

    I like this post a lot, mostly because it draws such great similarities in the rat kingdom and the mankind.

  13. LOL. amazing, reminded me of Animal Farm, George Orwell ... if you havent read it ste, please do.

    and yes, amazing stuff, the killers cant discern between a white rat and black rat, for cats there is no ugly duckling or awesome peigone, for a hunter they're only targets. I wonder why do we not unite. when the killers are.. why aren't we :)

    very nice post. this one is really nice. You're grooming as a writer, maturing at being able to use wit against the social evil.

    You have my best wishes you know :)

  14. hahaha!!.. Why dont i smell the rat now?? :D hahaha

  15. BRAVO !

    But I really am not able to understand who these black rats really are :P

    On a serious note, we need not be symbolic. That will show that we are really afraid of these "Black Rats". Lets show our protest !

  16. Hi
    Your post really interesting...
    Good Luck.... Welcome to my blog...

  17. Its 400+ NSG,are from north India and South India deployed in Mumbai so that Raj Thakrey and his goondas can sleep!
    Anyways good post..Cheers !!

  18. there are so many people like this all around the world!
    thank you for visiting my blog - hope to see you again. :)

  19. tell these politicians.. not to make a fuss when suggestions of increase in the pay of army men were made... they are good for nothing.

  20. The metaphor is amazing!! . the example of rats was very apt here...i liked it the way u've written it:) nice post.

  21. very gud ste... very well said n desribed as a story.... whr is that rat hiding now!! right!!
    gud job!

  22. Pretty interesting.. and I think this is very broad hitting and can apply in plenty of situations in mankind's history when leaders have failed the people.

    Especially at this very time.. in India..

    Although some aspects of the story construct might be disagreeable, if I view the story from my PoV.

  23. ahhh..!! right blog at the right time!!! politically influenced!! goood one..!!!

  24. Erm..good one!
    Everyone's busy comparing the rats to the be it..

    Acha tha!

  25. Very well metaphored.
    I have a feeling that the rat is about to get his sorry ass kicked. . . Soon.
    He was oh so worried abt mingling black and white rats that he forgot that he'd be nowhere without d whites.
    Shame on him. R(a)T definitely has some explaining to do.
    Well written solitary.
    Thanks for d visit

  26. hey stephen...that is one nice write dude...!

    and what do u call the black rats leader? i donno if coward would be apt...but he is one who is double standards...he says one thing and does the other...
    when he should be there for his men, he is hiding tail between his feet at home...
    very true of some politicians indeed...we need lesser people like them...and more who are willing to do what they say...!!

  27. Goodd oneee!!!!:-)))
    Keep it up!!:-)

  28. Hey,

    Black Rat!! haha.. Better call him a Coward Black Serpent!
    Well, there is no black n white for me atleast. It's the melanin count that matters ;) hehe
    Those CATs have been defeated. \m/

    Hail Rat community! :D

    May Cat-erroism Perish!

    PSS: Nice stories yaa!
    U r Blogrolled :))

  29. Ste first of applause for you...
    And now comes my view on this.
    You're brute correct that leaders should be responsible. I'll also agree with Akshat in saying that this was as politically correct as it could be.
    The leaders in our country, by that I mean to say our present leaders join the decision making committees to oblige themselves and those who helped them in getting them those powers. Democracy is only a word for them. They are idiots...uneducated...ill-mannered..and the list goes on.

    Its high time that people who really want to make a difference get recognized so that we can actually do something for the society. First we have to change ourselves and then only can we even think of changing the society..

    In the end..
    Kudos to you...

  30. We have a black rat in the white house now president Bush, and to me he is a perfect example of just watching as so many suffer and he does nothing but look the other way and is not in touch with the "common" people, he is "out of touch" and so now in January after 8 years of Busy we have finally voted and made the right decision electing Obama who is very in touch with the "common" people as he is not a rich man who was born into richness and oil, as Bush was.

    Good story and hope you get the bad black rats that are your leaders out of your government Andrew said they are all over the world.

    We must all stand up and speak up and stop the madness..we still have many lessons to learn and I do have hope and see good change will come if only we continue to participate in the process.

    Be of courage,

    Love and Blessings,


  31. I agree with you completely. Knowat? Our leaders to play safe would do anything even act Patriotic!
    something relative to my mosyt recent post.

  32. akshat

    i am quite happy that u have got the message thru this and yeahh ....i realize that most of u here have found the black Ra T

  33. PJ



    yes its we people who shud decide the fate of so called black rat leaders...reach this brother

  35. disha
    hope leaders read this and learn something

  36. usha

    thnks yaar

    no one knws why the rat is hiding

  37. mys lyke

    hez coward and provoking his gunda's

    hope he learns

  38. yes rashi

    correctly said ....where r they now

  39. anurag

    we as the rat are helpless

    we all knw that

  40. yup vinisha

    u were right...we can relate the rats to human beings

  41. da eternal

    we people r the black cats

    and the leader is some one whoz nt interested in our safety and everything

  42. hashan

    yup it is......they r working for the leaders and wht r they doing

  43. andrew

    yes there r so many people like the black rat leasers in the world

  44. priyanka

    where is the rat hiding now ???

  45. kalidas

    y it wud be disagreeable
    if u consider few leaders ..who have done good for the ppl

  46. crystal
    yes they have to be compared with the rats

  47. riversoul

    yes but he wont learn anything coz after few days he will be busy scrubbing his ass for collecting votes

  48. wormy

    gr8 u liked this to learn a lot from think twice before u elect ur leader

    thanks for the blogroll

  49. shruti

    thanks for ur comments yaar.....

    yes ur views r right

  50. rhianon

    yes u can say that from ur PoV.. that bush has done nothing for ur people....similarly we have certain leaders of that sort

  51. ashutosh

    i have added that link to that site brother

  52. hey guys thanks a lot for ur comments was gr8 to read ur views

  53. hey...this is urely an interesting way to describe a contemporary issue... but pardon me for being a little critical here.. the flow of your work doesn't seem catchy.. too much of the usage of certain words like "black rats" and "white rats"... a discontinued transition in between points...

    the reason why i'm pointing this out is because i found this piece interesting and i think that with a bit of tweaking it could turn out to be an extremely catchy piece

    good work though!

    ~Sanskriti @

  54. hey thanks a lot for ur suggestion

    but never mind , if it is conveyed then its matter wht r used