Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Prevention is better than Cure....

Kolkatta is said to be a city of dreams for many who live here and for many who migrate to this place.This place is said to have provided employement to outsiders who come here in search of job.Ramesh was like any other unemployed Indian youth who came to Kolkatta few years ago in search of a job.He was equally skillfull and talented.He used to do jobs such as painting,construction,tailoring,driving and all.As seasons change ,he would change his business.He had friends and one can relate them to group of spoiled brats.They loved enjoying life together.They had unprotected sex with commercial sex workers in the city.Ramesh was one amongst them.At first ,Ramesh refused to do such things.At such time,he would think of his beautiful wife and his 2 pretty kids who live in Rajasthan.But,due to his friends insistance,he had unprotected sex with a sex worker in the Red light area in Kolkatta.Little he knew that it would affect his life to such an extent.He was unaware of this so called "Killer" virus.Later on when he visited his village,he had sex with his wife.Few days hence,his body became vulnerable to infections and started showing symptoms such as fever,night sweating,diarhoea .Few days later ,he consulted a doctor who revealed a shock to him.The doctor that he was infected with the HIV virus.Only then he realized the mistakes that he did.He had sex with the sex worker without any protection which cost his life.Few days later his body became feeble and skinny and eventually one day he died.Today,his wife Shama is infected with the same deadly virus.She may die soon,but there is no one to take care of her two childrens.No one in the village was willing to adopt her children and take care of them.Even her in-laws ignored her and her kids.

There may be many people like Ramesh who are ignorant about this disease.This post is make such people aware of this disease.One should take care that he/she uses all sort of protection while indulging in any intimate activities with any stranger.Shama was an innocent Indian woman just like any other woman.Little she knew about this disease and what will be the future of her kids after her????.

The AIDS(Aquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) is one the major disease in todays world.Its mortality rate is very high infact 100 %.The virus is capable of mutating fast and can replicate several times faster than any other virus.There is no cure to this disease,its a sure killer.It has been learned that by 2050 more than one fourth of the world population will consist of HIV patients.The majority of AIDS patients are from India,South Africa and many other African Nation.

This disease can be prevented,but there is no cure .

Prevention is better than Cure.

PS:This post was supposed to be posted on 1st December on World Aids Day ,but due to some reasons this is posted today


  1. very nicely written stephen...!!
    indeed prevention is better than cure...some people are there who wont understand the complexities of medical terms...but u did the cause justice with simple words in a simple story...

    so what if this was supposed to be posted on 1st december? its not necessary that awareness shd be only on one day is it bro? lovely words...!

  2. Awareness of these issues only can help in prevention :) Well written post !

  3. Nicely depicted. AIDS awareness is very important especially in rural India. good post.

  4. Aids awareness is very less in country like ours and that is the reason it is growing so quickly. Its good to see active bloggers like you writing about it.


  5. Touching. The consequences leave you helpless and horrified.... I was planning to write something on this topic as well :)

    You've done a good job Steph... And hey... I don't see you on my posts lately.. :( why? :'(

    Keep up the good work!!


  6. Good work bro.. Didya see the documentary "Born into Brothels"? Its about children of sex workers in kolkatta.. Its saddening to see how they live...

    And of course prevention is better than cure..


  7. I second Randeep above... Do watch that documentary.

    Needless to say, the clichéd adage is true any day. High time this awareness reaches every nook and corner of this nation.


  8. nicely written, and for a good cause :)
    More people should be aware of it!

  9. quite an educative post stephen :) thanks for sharing :)

    btw, i *finished* my engineering in may 2008 :)

  10. =)
    very nicely written.. people shud be aware of such things

    i hope tht smbody wud help shama's kids ..n the sad thing is thr r millions of ppl lyk her in thz world =(


  11. A well-written piece,Steph..
    Aids is something which is considered above a disease in a world like ours..but still,glad to see some people are still aware and booming with spirit to eradicate it.

  12. very well written.. i must commend your writing skills.. they are impeccable

  13. Awww.. i know bad it is.. but one quest- how do we make aware ppl like ramesh??

    thnx for droppin into mine, keep coming back :)

  14. Hey ste!!

    Dude well written!!
    Prevention is better than cure...for sure!!...Our country,i admit, is unaware about AIDS..and many other killer diseases!!...But schools,communities, and NGO's all over India..are trying their best to make every citizen aware!!

    The only thing we can do..is prevent ourselves...and pitch in in spreading awareness!!

    Dude...good post!!

  15. A nice initiative, thought provoking and heart felt

  16. P.S- Awesome post...so nicely conveyed!!

  17. dats a lotta research involved...

  18. a very well written post for a cause.

    awareness is highly required.

  19. Its true prevention is better than cure. I felt sorry for the wife and children they suffered and been abandoned. The lesson is don't cheat..lol

  20. mehreen

    yes it has bad effects .....may take ur life ....

  21. randeep

    no i didnt see that
    thnks for dropping by...

  22. divz

    thanks and yeah itts for a cause
    and moi doin my final yr engineering

  23. richa

    well how wud we do it

    creating awareness na

  24. yup u can say that estella

    thats a lesson

  25. hey guys thanks for dropping by and commenting on this peice

  26. This is a really good message.
    Hope to spread the word myself.
    I'm saddened when i hear that such discrimination still hasn't stopped.
    People haven't realised the one important fact that death isn't the only consequence of AIDS. I'm pointing to the social stigma that surrounds the disease.
    Its forces victims to become social rejects.
    Being neglected and shunned is probably the worst injustice the poor victims could ever be forced to bear.
    An excellent post, stephen
    Lets spread the word.
    I'll be linking to this post in one of my future posts regarding this disease.
    Hope you approve.
    Finally. Followed you.