Monday, May 04, 2009

One Night Stand on a New Year Night!!

Monday ->Piyali.
Thursday ->Marissa

Caste no bar.Even he didn't cared for any religion or community.He changed girls like clothes.He slept with different girls everynight.Girls easily fell prey to him.He was a big flirt.He never followed the concept of marriage.He never cared for any one .But there was some one who loved him.She was a pretty looking Indian girl.She only knew the good side of him. He was a rude and ill mannered person.

"Where are we going?" the girl asked him.
"To heaven," he said.

"Am gonna take you to a special place tonight," he added.

It was a brand new year and he took her to a hotel far away from the main city.She left her parents just for him.

He held her tightly on his arms.The world was busy celebrating the new year and they both were stranded alone in a dark room.
He moved closer to her and she moved away from him.Little she knew that she was going to lose her virginity.The innocent girl was grabbed firmly by the rogue.He tickled her.He kissed her alluring cheeks.Soon later ,their lips locked.She gave him everything , her body and soul.He caressed her long hair and kissed her nape.He got what he was looking for.

The next morning .She was lying on the bed with no clothes .He got dressed up.He was about to leave.

"Where are you going?," she asked him with a gentle smile .

"Why leaving me alone?" she asked.

He removed his wallet and throwed 10 hundred currency notes at her face.

"Thanks for the night babe ," he left.

It was a brand new year and she was lying on the bed thinking of the guy who just betrayed her.It was indeed a bad start to a new year....


  1. I did not get the purpose pf writing this story. Is this just a story?

    As for sad end, end of such "adventures" has to be nothing but sad!.. and this is what happens in this world.

  2. written very nicely...
    do visit my page too...

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  4. GOSH...!! WTF

    Its sad...but real world shit happens.

  5. Rude..
    But hard core reality..
    Such things do happen..!!


  6. how sick!! i really wanted to write something on these lines, may be I will.. but you have put it nicely..

  7. Why sad sad ending .. ? innum konjam drama poturukalam indha story la .. !

  8. dam ste am i allowed to swear...a sad but a true reality...hw helpess he myst have left her...its really sick...

  9. nidhi
    this happens in the real world.......

  10. sweta...

    as i said. ..its really bad..and such girls easily trust any 1......poor

  11. dude...lancelot

    y sad ending???cud an ending be happy in such scenario...think over it...i'm wrting frm girls perspective

  12. darshan

    this is just a fiction...but.. core reality in certain part of the nation

  13. veds

    i will surely visit ur page. . . :)

    no worries

  14. ohoh...d post with which u started new yr at WL!!! :P

    u know my reaction to dis na...n remember wht STRONG comments we got from all!!!

  15. Hi Friend, the TaT Contest is On now. You may find the Contest Details here: Tell a Tale: Contest # 1
    I wish you all very best of luck!

  16. why a sad ending???

    Anew year cant be started more worst than this...!!!

  17. aahhhhhhhhhhhh

    that is soo not fair..

  18. Sad...
    Nicely written...
    This post justifies mine.... :)
    Check my blog....!

  19. you can do good..but not too bad I'd say.Sorry f you don't like the honesty that much. =)

  20. hmmm.... there is not a happy ending to every story... Hence Proved!

  21. storyteller

    yp i wud give a try for sure

  22. yami

    i knw...nt all story needs to have a happy ending :)

  23. i think tht gal was an cud she hang out with someone she didnt even know well. she did more than hang out.

    dude, ur grammar was bad in many places. "throwed", "he didnt cared"

    also, the narrative wasnt good enuff...didnt feel for the victim.

    hope u dont mind a lil criticism :)