Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The 'Supermodel' bride!!

**This is a work of fiction.All the pictures are taken from DEVIANTART.This is a fiction based on the writers creative mind and imagination.It has nothing to do with anyone living or dead. :P

My mom was returning back to India after staying at sisters place in New York for 4 years.I actually used to miss mumma a lot.She was my alter ego and my best friend. Sheetal diii was my other best friend.Living alone in Mumbai is not an easy job.Maa was coming back and the news itself was a big fete for me.
I soon called up my girl Swati to inform this.She was happy as well.
"Yaar,Aneesh ,listen me coming at your place tonight," She said to me and cut the phone call.
As promised she came to my home at 9pm.
"Hey ,Sweetz," she embraced me as she reached my home.
"Yaar,this modelling thing sucks,I plan to give up modelling after we both get married," she said.
I startled and I wondered if this girl was alright. I still remember that day when we both had a petty fight over this modelling issue.It was a hated argument and we didn't spoke for a week.
"I can't believe this Swatz, pinch me," I said to her.
"Ouchh!!! " I screamed as she pinched me.
"Yeah ,it isn't a dream sweetz," I hugged her.
" Yaar,Maa is coming tommorow ," I said.
"Nice, and listen I want you to talk to your mom about us,Ok," She said to me.

Now,I was wondering what will I answer if my Maa asks me about the girls profession. Would it be "A Supermodel" or "Fashion Lover".I felt like laughing,but I was least bothered about it.

"Ok," she said.
"Yeah,done ,done ," I said.

"Give me your Picx ,so that Mumma could know how exactly you look ," I said with a straight face
She gave me a picture in which she was looking like an Indian princess.
"Beautiful Sweetheart, you didn't show me this before," I smiled.

"Shh!that was taken during Lakme India fashion week,the great Satya Paul show you see," she said.

It was 11pm when Swati left.She kissed me before leaving. I must be the luckiest person on Earth to have been kissed by a supermodel several times.
The very next day,I got up at 12 pm as usual and got ready as I was supposed to pick Mumma from the airport.
Maa was supposed to arrive at 2 pm.I reached the Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport at 1 pm. I carried Swati's picture with me so that I could show Maa. I was excited as Mumma came towards me. She had put on weight.
I soon sought blessings of my Mom.
"Maa,tu moti ho gayi," I said to her.
"You feel so and where is the girl you were talking about?," she asked me.
"I just want to see her, Beta!!,"she said.
We came out of the airport and the biggest shock awaited us.There were hoardings outside the airport.One could see few models posing for a lingerie ads. Later on I realized that it was Swati wearing black lingerie garment.
"God forbid me," was my first reaction.

I soon took Mumma away from that place and we both left for our home.
"Ani,where is my Bahu?," she smiled.
I had already informed mom about Swati during a phone call.
"Yeah,Maa, I will show you at home," I wiped the sweat from my forehead.
We reached home at 3.30 pm.
I showed her the picture that Swati gave me.
"Pari lag rahi hai,heavenly beautiful Ani," she said.
"Rab ne bana di jodi," she added.

"Movie dekhi kya Maa," I grinned.
"Bahu mast haina,Maa," I curiosly wanted to know my Mothers reaction.
"Yeah she is an angel , " she said and left for her room.

Mumma had this strange habit of watching News channel.She still had Swati 's picture with her and was staring at her.
At the same time ,Aaj tak came up with a flash news.
"Mumbai Airport ke bahar Ashleel ads ke virudh mein Mahil sangh ne apna morcha aaj bhi zaheer rakha hai," the thickly browed news reporter said.

The news soon grabbed Mumma's attention. She looked at the model careful.
She compared the two pictures and she was looking at me.
"Bahu in black bikini's !," she muttered.

"Mein gaya kaam se," I was cursing Swati.
Mom showed me the picture and was waiting for my words.
She glared at me and I was looking at the news with embarrassment.

"Someone please save me,"
was my reaction at that time as I was aware of the consequences

PS: will post When V Met -5 soon


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