Monday, April 18, 2011

Midnight Ramblings 2 - Arrival of the Lost friend

Once upon a time ,we were counted as one  best friends by people around us. They would often envy about our friendship.Some would rate us as the true pillars of friendship. Apparently there has been phases in my life where I've lost many good friends but I have also got the same number of good friends. But those who have left me have just left me without any reason or leaving a note.It hurts you when such things happen. Today I happen to talk to one such friend whom I lost 3 years ago.For someone who used to be an asset to me.Someone  who just emphasized what best friend means. Initially we used to talk a lot during our initial  days of friendship.

She is offcourse my online found.But you might not know when your virtual friends turn out to be a bliss for you.I accidentally happened to dial her number and trust me she did pick up the call thus bring a big smile on my face. She was like bewildered when I tried to scare her by disguising my identity. We happen to talk for just 9 minutes.Phone calls to Islamabad are costly and last time I called her was 2 years ago to wish her happy birthday on 19th September. Great people make great friends and here by I announce my greatness in blogworld LOL.She is the one from whom I learned the principles of life. She took a break from online world just because to focuss more on her life as she believed that too much of internet is hazardous . But nevertheless I'm so excited that my friend from Pakistan has showed marginal signs of her arrival and my happiness has no bounds now.yippie!! I'm all excited. I'm posting like crazy since the last few days . I will surely try to post on some good topics .I've got a good story theme on my mind ,just planning to write it down.
Well people say that happiness comes in packages...true but once it comes then it never ceases to expire. Friends play a cameo in your life.Just try and keep them happ.Don't expect too much in life.Be happy with what you have.
All's well that ends well.. so Green gonna meet Blue very soon .....<3 <3 <3
And here I present my little sweetu Bren who is my 7 month old Nephew...

Isn't he CUTE???
See you soon ...till then Allah Hafeez,Shubh Ratri,Vannakam ....Love you


  1. thanks for the comment :) i'm glad you did so now i can follow you.

    have a great week!

  2. @ste: write the stories jaldi... n do sumthing wid the thing i spoiled (soul-stormers)

  3. awwww shoooo sweet. i have lost some very valuable friends of my school and college days cuz most of them went abroad and same shifted and i dont have their new contact numbers. friendship is really an integral part of our lives and sometimes yr friends becomes more closer to u then yr blood-relatives. love u bren u are really reallly really a cutie pie : )

  4. Like your blog and your pictures ! def. following you now! when you get a chance by by my blog and check it out and hopefully my writing will send you sparks so you can also become one of my followers too!

  5. hey likhetu
    u talked to asabh
    how's she
    its been a long time yaar
    and ya next time when u call her tell her we all are waiting for her arrival on this blogworld...
    specially tell her from my side that iam missing her writing a lot.

  6. Firstly, thank yo for the tag and the acknowledgement. It really feels great.

    Then, reuniting or getting in touch with old friends, with whom we never wanted to separate it really feels great. THe reminiscing and all.
    Though I do feel awkward if we had separated due to differences in idealogies. And you have international friends? Thats really great.

    The last one is about the previous post, well, it isn't bad to try to befriend every girl and dreaming on, but then how many do you want. :P
    And seriously, if they cannot be a girlfriend, why do we always become brothers. :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete