Sunday, May 22, 2011

What if God was one of us

I wonder what would happen if God was one of us. He is the almighty creator of the world.He is the one who sowed the seeds of  mankind .Offcourse just imagine what would happen if he was one of us.May be you or me or someone close to you or some bloody random stranger. It will  be surprising and thrilling too. 

Everytime you do something wrong  someone from behind screams at you.You better think twice before you do anything God is watching you.This is what he/she would tell. Mom would often tell these lines very frequently. So if god really was one amongst us then would he still watch everything happening around us. Extremism,Molestation,Robbery,Adultery,Murder  and many other crimes happen all over the world. Hindus believe that  your crime is counted and is noted and all these would serve as your passport to hell.And in hell you will get punished  on the basis of  those mentioned in the Garuda Puranam. If  God was here then would things be different or would it really be the same. We all are gods own children.He is our creator and offcourse he owns us.How on earth would he watch his very own childrens getting sucumbed to the deadly sins. Would Osama Bin Laden would be the same if god was here?.Would   someone like Hitler existed who killed 100 thousand jews  if god was here. Would all people on Earth would still be bad and cruel if god was here? much to ask but so little to think ?

Its a small world and we see very less people around us who are kind and  helpful.Its these people who sometimes serve as a support structure to us. It may be our Mother,Father,siblings,Husband,Children or any damn best friend. They all care for us and they  wish for our better life.They represent the true reflection of the almighty God. If God was someone close to us then we would go to him and give him a tight hug and say all our problems to him.He would work on the solution which would help us. Suppose you have an exam tommorow and you havent finished studying it.You pray to him the night before and say God please let the paper be easy .God will feed all the answers into your brain. Sounds strange but seriously how great that would be.Somethings in life would really be bliss when it happens for real like the one which I  mentioned above. If god was here then we would fear for all the wrong activity or sin that we do. We would definitely think  twice before going  ahead. If God was here then he would surely forsee things and warn people of the dangers and protect all his childrens. 

 Life is full of challenges. During our bad times we expect someone to be with us. Why not this someone be this person to whom we all surrender.May Almighty God bless you all.. :)

This was a prompt by CarryOnTuesday

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  1. awesome..if this happend...i would want GOD to be the editor of all my deeds :P

  2. God is here we just can't see it!

  3. So much to think about here.

  4. very nicely done ... you shared a timely message ... leaving the observer with take-away ponderings!

  5. A very different write from the usual, interesting :)