Sunday, April 17, 2016

O - Out of sight but not mind #AtoZChallenge

Months passed.
They got busy with their life.
Browsing through their old photos reminded him of her.
“You may be out of my sight but not my mind. I miss you.” He texted her.
“:-) Yes me too, 'sometimes'!”  She replied to his text.
“So how are you?”  He sms’d and her reply amused him.

So what do you think she replied. Will it be her usual tantrums or a new ray of hope in their broken relationship? Write in the comment section what you think about this .

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This blog post is written as a part of the A to Z Challenge annually held in April every year.
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  1. Glad they are in touch again. There's still hope :)

    The Era I Lived In

  2. I think they both needed the time apart. Love grows fonder with absence!
    @KalaRavi16 from

  3. I'm hoping for a new ray of Hope! (Yeah, I'm an eternal optimist!) ;-)

    Modern Gypsy

  4. awww.. sacha vala love it seems. Mr. Artist finally you did what is right :)
    @TirelessReader from RandomRagas

  5. Getting heart touching

  6. I think it is something that will put things back on track. :D

  7. What is the reply ?
    Waiting ...
    And you know what I am connected with your story ...
    I immediately recall where I ended .

  8. What did she reply? :) Of course, they miss each other! They care for each other!!!

    Deepa’s Kaleidoscope

    1. Yes, they do. I still can't believe out of a simple topic called Art, I weaved a story :D