Monday, November 12, 2018

Everything is blue now

Everything is blue now
How long do I remember you?
As long as there are days and nights
Till the sun and the moon shines
The birds are warbling and 
Winter is coming 
The snow is falling
But where are you?
Aren't you gonna come?
The wind whistles searching for you
The star weeps thinking about you
Will you ever come back?
No, never disappoint
Our hearts are already broken
Don't break it anymore
Oh Look, the voids have grown large
The bridge has fallen
And the gates have closed forever
The scars have turned dark
Our heart mourns and yearns
Everything is blue now
Aren't you sad seeing us in tears
The house that housed us together 
It isn't the same anymore
The womb that bore you is  filled with hurt
A joyful past we all had,
An hopeful future we all dreamed of,
But a present  full of pain is what we nurse
and tears without you 
Now Fake smile , broken dreams, shattered hopes
You know things aren't the same anymore
Now Everything is blue

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